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After Silvia, our school’s 21st Century “guru” posted the checklist for blogging, I began to think about how I have been using the student blogs this year.
Since I am no longer teaching Language Arts, I do not make as many assignments for the students to post on their blogs. I have had them write several relating to social studies.
Last week, after the field trip to Ft. Caroline, I had the students reflect about their experience. They were given several questions to answer and were told to post the assignment on their blog.
Then I met with Silvia for our weekly meeting. We discussed how the student blogs should not be a place for the students to hand in written work in digital form. She made me realize that this is what I was doing. I had lost my vision relating to what the purpose of student blog really is. It should be a place for global transparency, sharing, and learning.
The posts that I had my students make were boring with no real evidence of what a quality blog should be.
I went back and looked at some of the work my students did last year and I realized that I was not doing a very good job teaching my students to become bloggers so I decided to have the students redo the assignment and I posted a new rubric on the class blog.
What a difference in their work. Yes, there were grammar and spelling errors and by no means was their work perfect, but it was better and not just a written assignment posted on the internet. There was proof of learning and internalizing the subject matter through the use of links and pictures.
So now I understand that I MUST help the students become better bloggers by stating expectations for a quality blog.
For examples of their work, visit


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