Progress with Badge Activities

The due date for the badge activities has come and gone and for the most part all of the students turned in the two required activities in order to qualify for an “A” this nine weeks.  One student completed one activity and one did none.  Not bad out of thirty students.

Michelle, my wonderful Fifth Grade assistant, created most of the badges on  Several of the students took it upon themselves to create a badge using Pixie or other apps on their iPad.

The students are in the process of sharing their projects this week.  Each student is required to do an oral presentation and explain their activities.  As they finish, I email them their badges and they are required to post the badges on their blogs on the page they created titled “My Badge Backpack”.

Take a look at Emily’s page to see what her progress has been this nine weeks.

My room has turned into a huge mural of student work because of the badge activities (thanks to Joni, my terrific Fourth Grade assistant who hung up all of the students’ work.)  Finally, I feel that my room is reflecting what my students are learning.

Abigail created this badge:


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