Top Five Good Things About Testing Week


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Not a lot has been happening teaching-wise this week because of standardized testing. But to me, this is always a nice and insightful week for me so I decided to list my five favorite things that I like about this week.
5) There are not a lot of papers to grade! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a break from correcting papers. It is great not to have to check homework everyday because I don’t give homework when it is testing.
4) I get to have the students first thing in the morning everyday for the week! What a breath of fresh air this is for me. Even after seven and a half years of teaching at MJGDS, I still find this the most difficult part of my job. My students have a very long day and when they come to me in the late morning until 3:45, it is almost impossible make the most of the time I have with them. They are tired by 2:00 and trying to teach math and/or social studies to them during this time is very difficult.
3) I have been able to witness, first hand, Hebrew class with my fourth graders. What an amazing experience! The Jewish Studies team has had to make adjustments with their schedule too which means they use our classrooms in the afternoon. I have seen a different side to my students. It is amazing to hear these children converse, some very fluently, in Hebrew and watching Rivka teach is enlightening. She is so enthusiastic, and very patient, with the students. What a great teacher!
2) I love watching the Fifth Grade test. I love watching their “brains work”. I love watching all of their habits such as twirling their hair or making facial expressions as they read. I don’t get to sit back and watch them work a lot during a regular class because I am busy helping or answering questions or setting up for the next thing we have to do.
1) I love the bonding that goes on between my students and me during this week. We are all relaxed and have more time to talk, share, and have some fun after the tests. This is the best part of all!


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