First Badges are Posted!

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Created by Jack H.

This week was a monumental week for my classes, at least it was in my mind!  Both the fourth and the fifth graders made a new page on their blogfolios appropriately titled “My Badge Backpack” . (Karin, our Media Specialist, is also doing reading badges, and she thought that all of the students should title the badge page the same.) Then, the kids proudly inserted their first badge(s) for math.  The fifth graders were awarded a badge for knowing all of the division facts 1-12 and the fourth graders received badges for knowing all of the multiplication and division facts 1-12.  As a side note, all of the fifth graders received a badge; however not all of the fourth graders completed the division facts. I set a date for completion and several still did not master all of the facts.  As I was “giving out” badges the other day in Fourth Grade, the students who did not receive both badges realized that others had more.  It is my hope that those students will show initiative and ask to finish the timed tests.  This will be an interesting observation because these students are not my most motivated.

At the end of March, I will be rewarding badges for the activities that the students have been working on for the last few weeks.  I have ask the students to make digital badges that I can use. (We have been using or Pixie to build the badges.)  This has been a voluntary assignment, but Fourth Grade has been phenomenal!  They have taken it seriously and created some wonderful designs.

Julia D. created this badge using Pixie. (All images on Pixie are able to be used on blogs.)

So far, the use of badges as a reward has been amazing.  Most every student has been working hard on their two activities and the work that has been turned in so far is high quality.  The best thing has been the amount of learning going on this nine weeks.  ALL students are participating and they are being challenged.  The most important thing I have learned is that when doing enrichment activities, I must include ALL of the students, not just the top group.  All students can be challenged to do “just a little more”.

I also want to thank my wonderful Fifth Grade assistant, Michelle.  She has taken it upon herself to create a badge for each activity.  This is no easy task because there are so many activities.  I truly appreciate her helpfulness and perseverance.  I did not ask her to do this, she just did it!

Created by Michelle L. (on


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