IDK What Went on in Room 201!

Since a weekly Ning post is a requirement at our school, I sometimes struggle with what to write.  This was one of those weeks. Nothing earth shattering happened in Room 201.  It was one of those weeks where things just clicked along.

Good things that happened in Room 201:

~Math concepts are really coming together.  We had an “aha” moment in Fourth Grade when they realized that fractions, decimals, percentages (which of course were brought up when we were talking about shopping), and remainders in long division are related. Wow, math does have meaning in the real world.

~The fifth graders didn’t skip a beat when studying decimals.  I love how Singapore Math spirals the curriculum so well.  It makes teaching math so much easier.  Nothing really new is added, the skills just go a little deeper.

~ Since we are studying about early expeditions to Florida, I shared the book about Ft. Caroline appropriately titled,  Fort Caroline: The First French Settlement in the New World (available free on iTunes!) that my last year’s fourth graders wrote and it was admired and praised by the “new” fourth graders. That was a proud moment for me because I remember all of the work that the students put into writing it (not to mention our wonderful Librarian, Karin).

~The fourth graders and I shared a good laugh together which in turn seemed to bond us together just a little more.

Ok, so I am not doing anything earth shattering by some people’s standards, but I hope that I am making a difference here at MJGDS.  I hope that I am preparing my students for the future and creating a warm and nurturing environment that can’t be measured or really shared with the world. It will take years to see if I did make a difference.  I pray so.


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