I Need an Answer!


I need some help from you!

As the sun rises and sets everyday, and Winter turns to Spring, it’s that time of year again for my students to learn about fractions.  In years past, it has been an easy thing for me to teach mainly because there are so many good ideas on how to teach the skill.  I always like to teach the “why” part to every math lesson and fractions are no exception.  When you think about it, fractions really are important in our everyday lives.  From cooking to sewing to driving we use fractions all of the time.  So, I try to teach the reason why we spend so much time on these “little creatures”.

My Fifth Grade class this year is one of those classes that stand out for many reasons, but mostly I will remember them as my inquisitive class.  It was no surprise to me that when we began learning about dividing fractions this week, the question came up, “Why do we have to invert the fraction after the division sign, then multiply?”

With other skills, Singapore Math has been wonderful with helping the teacher answer such questions, but this time they didn’t give a reason, it was more like, “Just do it!”  So I am on a quest to find out the REAL reason we don’t actually divide fractions.  I found someanswers,  but in my simple mind, it really doesn’t give me a great answer.

If anybody has a more “simple” answer for my “simple mind” please let me know.  The question is driving my class and me nuts!


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