Homework Wars



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I want to put out my feelings about the so-called “homework wars”, but I want to base it from a mom’s point of view.

I want to express my feelings from the view point of a mom who has two children who are recent college graduates.  During my daughters’ middle school experiences, both at public school (Kim) and private (Lisa-here) there was an overwhelming amount of homework, to the point that my husband and I spoke to the teaching team at Mandarin Middle about it, which, by the way, did no good.

In high school, Kim attended Bolles and once again, the amount of homework was unbelievable.  Lisa attended Mandarin High and the load was not unbearable, but it was heavy.

Here’s my point.  The amount of homework was tremendous, but looking back on the situation, I am so grateful that the girls had homework.  It not only let us know what they were doing in school and reinforced skills,  but it prepared them for college.  There IS homework in college and A LOT of it!  The preparation that both my daughters had in middle and high school developed them into organized and capable college students and they both graduated with high honors.

I remember the feeling that homework was nonsense and I too, read  many articles about the “non-worth” of it and I agreed with it, at that time.

Today, as a teacher and a mom, I do see the relevance in it and I do think it is a necessity.  I HOPE my school does not bend to the thinking that homework should not be assigned.  I think that our job is to prepare the students for wherever they may go to school next.  Guaranteed, 99% of all schools still assign homework and probably a lot more than we do.




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