Caught Being Kind

In Fourth and Fifth Grade, my colleague, Andrea Hernandez  has created jobs for the students which they have to apply for in order to be hired.   We have decided to have the students not only “hired” for her class, but also my class.  One such job is “kindness ambassador”.    We have been brainstorming what this job should entail. (Remember there is pay involved!)

I thought it might be a good idea for this student to take candid photos of students caught in the act of being kind and we could display the photos on a bulletin board.

This started me thinking so I decided to start documenting students being caught in the act.

I was amazed how many times during the day that the kids were being really nice and cooperative with each other, so much that I actually videoed the Fifth Graders playing a math game and emailed the video to the parents.  (The disturbing thing was, only one parent emailed me back with a “thank you”. )

The next day, I took pictures of the Fourth Grade working together researching questions about Florida preparaing for their skype call in Andrea’s class.  It was a great day.  All of them worked together, researched, wrote answers,  and talked about who would do what during the call.

I feel like we are making progress with the Community of Kindness with the students.  I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but it is getting better; however, please, let’s not forget that we are role models for the students.  If we walk past each other and don’t speak or if we are condescending to one another within earshot of the students then we are not doing our jobs as professionals and more than that as educators . How much effort does it take to say “good morning” or ask “how are you doing?”  I know I am guilty of being in a “zone” at times, but really we MUST be a community of kindness among ourselves first. We are ALL human beings with feelings no matter our age.

Maybe we should document our faculty being kind to one another too?  Just a thought…..


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