Tutorials for Parents

This week, my fourth graders were studying the skill, order of operations.  I have taught this skill many times in the past, but this year seemed especially challenging, so much so that after Monday’s class, I was ready to “call out sick” for a few days just to recuperate.  I felt like I was in the movie The Blackboard Jungle,  MJGDS version.  (Some of you are too young to remember this classic so take a look at the movie trailer.  If you need a good chuckle, this will provide one.)  I had students crying and yelling that they didn’t understand.  I had students pacing back and forth chanting, “I don’t get it!” over and over again almost like a yoga mantra.  And that was just a few things that went on during that class.

I decided that I needed to do something before the students went home and attempted to complete their homework and a blast of parental emails headed my way, so I made a quick tutorial on the app Showme and sent it to all of the parents and, voila, no complaints that night! (I actually got some thank you emails!)

I went back the next day, refreshed and ready to teach again and had a much better and productive class than the day before (Thank G-d).

The students are still struggling with the skill, but at least I know the parents understand it!


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