Mission (Possible) Statement

I wrote my professional mission statement in late August.  I had my fifth graders write theirs sometime in September.  I did not coach them much when they were composing their statement because I wanted to see what they could create on their own.  Basically, I played secretary and typed as they talked.  After brainstorming for a few minutes I had them go back and proofread and polish their statement.

Honestly, I haven’t taken a good look at the words they wrote until this week when I started seeing other teachers post their class mission statements on the Ning.  I went back and read their goals and I was impressed.  This is a large and diverse class, but their goals were united.  I can honestly say, when they were doing this task they were all engaged and wanted to have input.  As I was getting ready to publish their mission statement on the Ning,  I thought it might be interesting to compare my mission statement with theirs.

I was amazed how similar our goals are. I did not share my mission statement with them.  They created their own, but yet they are so much alike.

I am constantly worried that I am not aligning my teaching with the MJGDS target, but maybe I am. One of the wheels includes “Teacher as a coach and guide”.  Hopefully I am an example to my students on a daily basis and that is why our mission statements are similar. I never fully realized the importance of stating goals until I saw by comparing the two statements how much students do absorb from their teacher. Not only do we teach the subject, but we “teach” our personality and our expectations.  Do all of us truly realize the impact we have on our students on a day to day basis?  We have a huge responsibility being teachers!

Fifth Grade mission statement:

Our mission statement for Fifth Grade is to show responsibility by being good role-models and school leaders. We will create a community of kindness by being kind to all and following the daily norms which are: mutual respect, attentive listening, no put downs, and give appreciation. We will be proactive by being punctual and organized.  We will build stamina in all subjects by practicing skills and studying.

My mission statement:

 As a fourth and fifth grade teacher, I will conduct myself as a role model for my students.  I will have a positive attitude, not only for the subject matter, but with ALL of my students.  I will demonstrate my love of learning by being an example of a life-long learner and I will show “no fear” for the unknown while experiencing new concepts and ideas so that my students will develop the same attitude and outlook. My perfect world in my classroom would emit an air of joy for learning.  We would come together as a community of  kindness and enlightenment, and cultivate engaged and curious learners.


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