Better Than a QR Code!

A few weeks ago, Shana sent me a link for an app called Aurasma. When I read about it I was fascinated. It is the coolest thing ever (as the kids say)!  The process is also known as “augmented reality”.

I started researching the process and I went to Pinterest and I watched a video about a school that uses augmented reality for different things. I also found some great activities on Teachers Pay Teachers. There is a free download that explains how one teacher used Aurasma to create an interactive bulletin board.

The students were asked to list some things that described them, but not to put their name on the list. Before the school’s Open House, the parents were asked  to download the Aurasma app.  Upon arriving at Open House, the parents tried to figure out which list described their child. The twist was that instead of the teacher putting a folded piece of paper on the list with the name of the child inside it, they used their smart phone or iPad and the Aurasma app to see if their guess was correct.  As the parents held their device up to the list, a picture of the child that created that list would appear.

I told Michelle, my wonderful Fifth Grade assistant, about the app and she has figured out how to make my bulletin board with the student’s self-portraits and math goals interactive.  She even figured out how to create a video, not just a still picture!  I am hoping we can have everything ready for Wednesday’s Back to School Night.  If not, definitely for Intergenerational Day.

The app can also be used for educational purposes such as word walls and vocabulary lists.  For more ideas just google “augmented reality in the classroom”.

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