Pre-flection for 2013-2014

As I look over my professional development plan from last August, I see that, as usual, I met some but not all of the goals that I set with Andrea.  One of the goals that I did accomplish was to implement student-led conferences using Blogfolios. The first SLC we did not use the student blogs to illustrate the learning that took place.  The students had a folder with hand-written work that they shared with their parents.  At the April conference, the students did use their blogs to share and reflect their progress.

The one goal that I feel that I fell short on was “to evolve to a more student-centered classroom”.   I still am learning how to do this one!  I tend to have a teacher-centered classroom especially during math class.

My goals for the next school year will be: to continue to evolve to a student-centered classroom and to  implement the ipad into everyday use in both math and social studies.  I don’t want to just “use” the ipad, I want to “USE” the ipad to help my students learn.  If I can accomplish my goal with the ipad, then my goal of student-centered learning with develop naturally.

This past school year, I have been talking with Andrea and Silvia about how to accomplish these goals.  Andrea has given me a link to the Daily Five for Math which I plan to research over the summer.  Silvia told me about another classroom where the teacher had set up the room with three tables, one for the learners that already know how to do the skill, one for students who need a little help, and one for learners who need a lot of help.  I want to have this kind of class next year.  I feel that I always “slow down” my fast learners and I don’t want to do this any longer.  When my fast learners finish, I will have other games and activities for them to do.  I will have to do more research on this over the next few weeks by visiting other math blogs created by other educators.

My goals are relate to the Learning Target in the following ways:

~Learning Environment-

*I will have to set up my room (physical environment) to fit my new goals. I will do pods or tables that can be changed easily to fit student needs

*Learning will be student-centered and less whole-class learning

*Students will be more self-paced

*Resources (ipad) will meet learning needs

~Role of Teacher

*I will be learning from coaches how to accomplish my goals. I need help with finding new ways (apps and ideas) to implement my “new” classroom~

*I will be learning from other teachers by reading their blogs * which also connects with ~Amplification~ if I comment on other blogs and blog about my classroom on my profession blog Teacher 21

*I will be more of a coach during math since I will be teaching to the students’ needs rather than teaching the whole group

In turn, I hope that my goals will lead to more authentic learning experiences,tasks, and  assessments.

My timeline will begin in August and extend the entire school year.  I know that this will be a time-consuming and never ending process.  I am sure that I will try things that don’t work and have to “tweek” the process.  I will have to depend on the knowledge of others here at school and on others that are not physically here at MJGDS (Silvia 🙂

I have to look at my goals as a work in progress and learn patience.  I have to realize that I am asking myself to change totally from the way I have taught in the past.  The phrase “teaching an old dog new tricks” keeps running through my head!


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